Christin (germanjj) wrote,

The Empty Room - Masterpost

Title:  The Empty Room
Author: germanjj 
Beta: blueeyedliz  and munibunny , all remaining mistakes are my own
Genre: RPS, angst, drama, hurt/comfort
Word Count: 45.666
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. No profit is being made, no harm intended.

Rating: NC-17
Warnings: gay sex, rimming, bottom!Jared

Summary: Jared’s life felt like it was slowly falling into pieces, slipping right through his fingers and he didn’t even know why.What he did know was that there had to be a reason why he would always find his dogs scratching at the door to the empty room in his house. Why he would hesitate so many times before driving off to set simply because it felt wrong somehow to go alone. Why he would dream of this one guy he’d never met, but who, in his dreams, felt like a man he had spent a lifetime with. Why he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something, someone, he’d forgotten.


Thank you!

My first beta blueeyedliz : You were the fastest and most patient beta a person could dream of! I think we both know I would have never been able to write this huge piece without your help and you cheering. Thank you so much!!
My second beta munibunny : Life has been so tough for you lately and admire how you manage all that. You have helped me so much and made my writing so much better that I owe it to you as well that I've been able to do this. Thank you, hon!
My cheerleader chica_charlie : Thank you so much, hon! It had been so much fun to talk to you about my fic and you inspired me again and again to keep on writing. *hugs tight*

My buddy igorsmaster : Thank you for kicking my ass!! ;P And thank you for taking a look at my stuff and listening to all the doubts I had!

My artist inane_rational : Thank you soo much for choosing my story!! It was wonderful to work with you and you know how much I am in love with your art!

My artist secretlytodream : Baby, you rock! You did not just make this beautiful trailer, banner, poster, icons, deviders..... you also inspired me so much! Talking to you about the story and the art opened so much more possibilities for me and I can promise you that my story improved by working with you! You were not only an amazing artist, you also became an amazin buddy, cheerleader and friend! *hugs you tight*

And thank you so much flist for listening to my whining and bitching and being so patient with me!

Now enjoy the story! :)

Tags: fic: the empty room
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